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CNES is proudly pro-life!
Educating & Empowering Culture Warriors in Restoring the Right to Life.

Walk for Life - San Diego
Saturday, January 31, 2015

Speak Out Response to Wall Street Journal Article
Speak Out Response to OC Register Article on PAS
Article Link and Rebuttal
Stay Informed How your Representatives Voted on AB1266
AB1266 Scorecard
How Your Representative Voted on AB154
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POLST: Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment
Be Careful What You Sign
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CNES V.P. tackles Governor's expansion of abortion access
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CNES impact...

Upholding ethical principles of nursing practice
Producing and distributing health brochures
Providing CE courses for nurses
Networking with like-minded organizations
Publishing a quarterly newsletter with cutting edge info on ethical issues
Supplying expert witnesses for legislators and courts
Presenting in-school programs to educate students about the effects of STDs and promoting the advantages of abstinence
Monitoring and acting upon legislation affecting life issues and
conscience rights
Keeping our membership apprised of latest developments in the law regarding ethical issues

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